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“Boomers Dominate First Round Playoff Game”

Boomers Dominate First Round Playoff Game

by Kaycie Otis


On Saturday, November 4th, the Toledo Boomers (ranked 6th in 2A) hosted their first home playoff game in over a decade, capturing a win against Union, the 11th ranked team in 2A. The game ended with the lopsided score of 54-14, with the Boomers holding Union to a scoreless game until the last quarter when they scored two touchdowns in approximately seven minutes before time ran out.

The team watched game film throughout the week before the game, making sure they knew who their competition was and how well they played. Doing this really paid off. They came out strong, with senior quarter back Kyle (Bear) Otis, junior outside linebacker Damion Sharp, and wide receiver Jayce Trevillian, intercepting three of Union’s passes and returning them for a total gain of 55 yards, taking away any and all of Union’s momentum.

“We watched a lot of film on their team and had a good idea of what they were going to do. We prepped their plays a lot in practice and focused a lot on tackling because we knew our defense would be how we’d win the game,” said Junior outside linebacker Daimian Sharp.


The game came to a close with Sharp, Otis, Trevillian, Sam Schneider, Kody Howry, and Clayton Tower combining for a total of 212 yards rushing on 29 carries, averaging 7.3 yards per carry. Otis finished the game with 277 passing yards and averaged 17.3 yards per completion. Sharp rushed for a total of 49 yards on seven carries and received for 164 yards, making it his 2nd most rushing yards, and most receiving yards, for the season. Leading tacklers consisted of Nathan Cross who had 11 assists and two solo tackles; Otis had eight assisted and three solo tackles.

Toledo racked up the points with a total of eight touchdowns. Sharp rushed for one touchdown and received for three, Otis rushed for three, and Schneider ran in one. Cody Nicholson kicked six for six on the night, scoring six points for the team.

In addition to the win, Toledo was given many individual awards that the league coaches voted upon.

Offensive Player of the Year: Kyle (Bear) Otis

Co- Defensive Player: Kyle (Bear) Otis

First Team / Offense

Quarterback: Kyle (Bear) Otis

Receiver: Daimion Sharp

Offensive Line: Nate Cross

First Team / Defense

Defensive Line: Dochota Coxen

Linebacker: Kyle (Bear) Otis, Nate Cross

Defensive Line: Fischer Walker

First Team / Specialists

Kicker: Cody Nicholson

Second Team / Offense

Receiver: Fischer Walker

Offensive Team: Brandon Hoffman

Second Team / Defense

Defensive Line: Brandon Hoffman

Linebacker: Daimion Sharp

Second Team / Specialists

Punter: Kyle (Bear) Otis

Honorable Mention / Offense

Receiver: Cameron Longergan

Center: Dochota Coxen













“Tornado at Manzanita”

tornado-damage-on-oregon-coast-0f028e02b7aa129a.jpgTornado at Manzanita

by Kristen King

On Friday, October 14 there was a tornado in Manzanita, Oregon, a small town of about 600 residents. The tornado reached land at about 8:18 am and reached Manzanita at about 8:20 am. It started as a water spout in the ocean, and made landfall as a tornado.

There were 128 structures in a half-mile stretch from Ocean Beach to Highway 101 that were damaged. Twenty-five to 30 of the buildings that were damaged were houses. Eighteen hundred people lost power in Manzanita and surrounding towns, and did not have power for about three days. The Red Cross opened a shelter at the Calvary Bible Church to help out, but they left because no one needed any medical help. A lot of the people in Manzanita have second homes that are not usually in use during this time of year so most people had a place to stay if their house was ruined. Roughly a third of the town’s trees were destroyed.

Michael Klein, a resident of Manzanita, said that it’s a completely different neighborhood now and that all the big, beautiful trees are gone (source #1). The good thing is that no one got injured during the tornado. Other residents said the tornado looked a lot like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz.

Manzanita tornado damage Scott Redd 1014_1476493910926_4254403_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

“It was just a normal beach storm, which we get a lot. Then out of nowhere the wind went whoooo, and suddenly the whole sky was filled with debris. It was just crazy and then it just stopped,” said local resident Debbie Harmon (source #2).

The maximum winds ranged from 125 to one 130 miles per hour. A second tornado was spotted 40 minutes later that day in Oceanside, but it didn’t do a lot of damage. Once it reached land, it broke up quickly, but it did knock down some tree limbs. The last time two tornadoes touched down on the same day in Oregon was on November 12, 1991. Ten tornado warnings were issued that Friday morning. The last tornado warning they had was on November 23, 2014. Its maximum width was 225 yards. The maximum winds ranged from 125 to 130 miles per hour. The rating of the tornado was an EF2 on the Fujita Scale. The Fujita Scale is used to gauge a tornado’s severity with numbers from zero to six based on the degree of damage. Oregon has had 106 tornadoes since the1960’s, but only four of them were big enough to actually scale. Tillamook County Sheriff Andy Long says that the tornado was ten streets long and went right through the center of town (source #2).

After the tornado swept through Manzanita, they declared a state of emergency to clean up. A lot of buildings are still deemed “unsafe”. On the positive side though, all but 500 people got their power back early Saturday morning. Resident Jane Wannell said that she always has camping equipment in her house so she was able to have some nice meals, and that they have been getting a lot of help from surrounding villages in Tillamook (source #3). Devon Mersereau noted that he “wouldn’t trade what happened for anything. Because this community comes together, and it’s like magic.”(Source #1). They have cleared most of the roads and the power is back up, but they still have a lot of work to do.





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“The Most Memorable Season in Years”


The Most Memorable Season in Years

By Kaycie Otis

The 2016 Toledo Boomer football program ended the regular season with a 7-2 record. The Boomers started the season strong with two huge wins against Oakridge (57-32) and Gaston (41-14). The third game didn’t go as well, however, and the team fell short on the road against St. Paul (28-44). This year’s program is fortunate to have 26 players, picking up the slack of injured and ineligible players. Though it’s not the desired number, the team is doing very well considering most of the players play both offense and defense. Some of the smaller, younger players aren’t seeing the field as much as they wish, but when they do go in they give it their all.

“It’s my second year of football and I’m telling you 8th grade football is nothing compared to high school football,” says outside linebacker Santana Hutchinson.  “The only thing I wish I could have done better was put in more and go harder! The upcoming teams have to understand that it’s going to be a long year for football as a freshmen because it’s such a big jump from middle school. Way harder, physically and mentally,” he added.

The football team is also fortunate to have a whole new coaching staff this year. The new staff includes head Coach Steve Cragan, as well as assistant coaches Clint Raever, Jerrod Eshleman, and Steven Petty. The only returning coach is offensive line and defensive line coach, Kameron Boro.

These coaches are able to be a part the last year for four seniors: quarterback and linebacker Kyle (Bear) Otis, wide receiver and free safety Fischer Walker, running back and linebacker Sam Schneider, and offensive and defensive lineman Brandon Hoffman.

Though the regular season games ended on October 27th, beating Waldport 62-8, the Boomers are having a home playoff game against Union, who took 2nd in the Wapiti conference, on November 4th at 6pm.  They ended the season capturing the league champion.


Senior Brandon Hoffman running the ball against Kennedy.


“Black Veil Brides Isn’t Another Copycat Rock Band”


Black Veil Brides Isn’t Another Copycat Rock Band

By Chase Mix

Everyone should listen to the rock band Black Veil Brides. The band has worked hard to get to where they are now. Their songs have lots of meaning, are oftentimes about ordinary things, and high school students could certainly find something in their songs to relate to. Listeners new to Black Veil Brides should keep an open mind because they might discover what I did about the band: that they are amazing, electrifying, and entertaining.

WSTW_BVB_Cover_Art.jpgThe band, currently consisting of Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jinxx, Jake Pitts, and Christian Coma, formed in 2006. Since that time, the band’s style has changed quite a bit. Their first album, We Stitch These Wounds, was described by critics as mostly “metalcore,” a broad fusion between extreme metal and hardcore punk. On their second album, Set The World On Fire, their appearance changed to something that could be best described as glam rock/shock rock. Their sound also changed at this point from smooth singing and harsh screams to vocals that were clean but gruff. None of the changes were for the worse. However, people enjoy listening to both eras of their music.

First, their music is something everyone can relate to. Their songs are about everyday things like trouble, relationships, love, and adversity. It’s all stuff that happened to the band members or stuff they know about; it’s not about fantasy or stuff listeners can’t relate to. For example, their song, “Fallen Angels” is about not fitting in. “The Mortician’s Daughter” is about a failed relationship. ”Love Isn’t Always Fair” is about love not being fair, and “Lost It All” is about feeling like you lost it.

The lyrics of the songs are very meaningful, and aren’t afraid to express what they believe in.Their lyrics have a lot of meaning behind them. They have songs about betrayal, about being an outcast, as well as a love song or two. The inspiration, for example, behind their song “Knives And Pens” was the lead singer Andy Biersack’s tormented childhood. He was picked on and ridiculed for the way he dressed and the kind of music he listened to. The song describes the choice between a knife and a pen. Biersack chose the pen.

Also, there is the song “Lost It All” which is about how if one falls or feels like they have lost it all that it’s ok to be sad and unhappy. The song “The Mortician’s Daughter” is a song he wrote when he was 15 about his ex-girlfriend who he dated for six years. He moved to Ohio from California to pursue his dreams, but when he got back he found out she had cheated on him. The song was titled “The Mortician’s Daughter” because his ex-girlfriend’s father was a mortician.

Those are just some examples of how their songs are written about everyday things or things that happened to them. Oftentimes, songs written from these lived experiences are the most powerful and most easily relatable.

The band’s music has been inspired by numerous bands from the 1970s and 80s that are still going strong today. Bands like Kiss, The Damned, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P. and Metallica.

There may be reasons why people might not like Black Veil Brides. For instance, they might think that the guitars don’t have much style, or that the drums are weak. Or they might not like the genre of the band. The way they dress might bother people as well—they might think they wear too much black or that they wear makeup, or too much of it. Also, people might dislike that they spend a lot of time on their hair. Or people might dislike the band members’ behaviors. For example, they might think they are really self-absorbed.

Obviously, not everyone will like Black Veil Brides. They are considered by many, however, to be a great band. People should give Black Veil Brides a chance because they’ve worked hard to get to where they are. Many of their fans enjoy their music, and the way they look. Personally, I like how much work they put into their songs and the ideas behind the songs. I like how I am able to relate to the songs, and that they are about everyday things. I also like the look of the band. Additionally, I like that I can hear what the lead singer is singing and that the instruments aren’t drowning out the words. So, in the end, you may like them or dislike them, it’s your own opinion. But don’t dismiss them outright. Give them a chance and see what you think for yourself.

“Daddy’s Poem” (poem)

Daddy’s Poem

by Alissa Marie-Lynn Reid


He laid there so long, cold in the dark,

With a light pink rose quartz laid upon his slowing heart.


Early afternoon the very next day,

His breath finally slowed and he slipped away.


We held his hands to let him know,

Just how much we loved him so.


A couple weeks later we picked him up,

I brought him upstairs to bring the house a bit of luck.


He will lay here so long, warm in the skylight,

In a wooden box he would have loved during the morning and in the night.


I know he’s not actually in there, I know that now,

He’s up in the sky looking down.


He is also in Belgium drinking beer,

Tasting aged cheese in France, that’s my daddy dear.


Goulash in Hungary, maybe exploring the Swiss Alps,

He is happier now than he was his last time on the couch.


He gets to see his mom Maizie and pick fruit with grandpa Rollo,

He’s living the next life to the fullest with absolutely no sorrow.


It’s different now without him I won’t lie,

But sometimes it’s not the worst thing to die.


I believe things happen for a reason, I have faith in the timing too.

Life happens the way it happens, you just have to power on through.


(October 31, 2016)


Rest In Paradise

Randy Lynn Reid

December 10, 1956  ~  April 24, 2016


“Toledo High’s Health Center: Treating the Whole Child Creates a Healthy Child”


Toledo High’s Health Center: Treating the Whole Child Creates a Healthy Child

By Joel Davis

The Toledo School Based Health Center is located downstairs by the lower bus loading zone. The Health Center is open to any Toledo Jr./Sr. High student. However, it is also open to any Toledo elementary students, and also Eddyville Charter School students. Any of them can come in to the Health Center if they need to.

The Health Center provides numerous services for students. First, it is a safe place to come to for information concerning any kind of health issue or problem, both physical and/or mental. For example, they provide simple health checks. Students and families with or without insurance can also come down to the Health Center. If students or families need school supplies, or have an injury, someone at the Health Center can help them. They also function as a doctor’s clinic, so students won’t have to travel far distances (for example to Newport or Corvallis) and miss class if they have a doctor’s appointment. The Health Center will also be able to get students in quicker than a doctor’s office.

There are five people who work in the Health Center. Those individuals are Robin Morgan, Cheryl Denbleyker, Kelli Brugh, Tami Martin, and Crystal Pickner. Each one of them specializes in different areas and needs.

DSCN3867.JPGMrs. Morgan is the Health Center’s advocate. She started working at the Center last year (2015). She can help students and families with health care issues and personal hygiene (for example, she can provide things like deodorant, combs, and brushes). She can also help students if they are hungry. Students can go down there and she will give them a healthy snack like a granola bar or a piece of fruit like an apple. She also helps with eyesight, dental checks, and financial problems. If a student gets a referral, and he or she has not been working in class, the Health Center will check to see if the student needs to see a nurse practitioner, a counselor, or an addictions counselor. Clearly, Mrs. Morgan is a vital part of the Health Center and is involved with a wide range of needs.

DSCN3866.JPGMrs. Denbleyker is a certified medical assistant and has worked at the Center for three years. Mrs. Denbleyker schedules appointments and checks patient’s vitals. She also can draw blood, test urine samples, collect throat swabs, process paperwork, and register patients. She also directs parents to the appropriate care they need, as well as handling all the quality control in the lab.

DSCN3865.JPGMrs. Brugh is a child and family therapist and has been at the school for six years. Brugh conducts counseling and mental health exams. So if a student is having problems, or if they have anxiety, or if they are dealing with depression, they can go see her.


DSCN3868.JPGMrs. Martin is the Center’s Family Nurse Practitioner (F.N.P.). This is her first year. Martin provides education and medical services; she also tends infected wounds. For example, if a student has an infected toenail, she can get that removed. She can also write prescriptions for certain things and will discuss health issues with students. For example, she can discuss acne problems with students: its causes, what they can do to prevent a break out, and how or what they can use to treat it.

Ms. Pickner is a registered nurse who has been here for six years. Pickner does immunizations for students who haven’t gotten their flu shots or boosters. She treats minor skin burns or irritations that are within her field of trainDSCN3869.JPGing. If it is an issue that is beyond her abilities, she will help transport the student to another facility. She can help students who are having an allergic reaction by using Antihistamine, and give out pain medication for dental pain, cramps, or headaches. However, before she can give students any of these remedies, she needs to do an assessment to make sure that the student is not injured or sick.

Most students come in for flu shots, sports physicals, headaches, muscle aches, minor burns or abrasions, dental pain, or just to schedule appointments.

What do they like most about their jobs? One of the things that Mrs. Morgan likes the most about her job is that she can help students get what they need. Mrs. Denbleyker also likes helping students get the help that they need. Mrs. Brugh loves working with kids. She also likes to help kids who might not be able to get the proper care any other way. Mrs. Martin likes to positively affect and change things in her little part of the world. Ms. Pickner loves that she can see students and that she can have the opportunity to set students up for the health services they need to live a healthier life.

The Health Center gets their fundings from grants they receive and from charging insurance. For example, this year they received a grant of $2,500 dollars from Walmart and a grant of $3,000 dollars from the Siletz Tribe.

There are only certain times of the week that students can go down to the Health Center to see specific staff or if they have an appointment with someone. This is because they all work different shifts during the week. Mrs. Morgan is there all week, Mrs. Denbleyker is there Mondays thru Wednesdays, Mrs. Brugh works here Mondays and Wednesdays, Mrs. Martin is here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Ms. Pickner works here on Tuesdays.

Last year, the Health Center helped Toledo students around 1,800 times, which means they helped most students between one to three times. Not only do they work here, they also work at the Health Centers in Newport, Waldport, and Lincoln City. In total, they have helped  Lincoln County School District students around, or possibly over, 72,000 times since last year.

In addition to the plethora of services they provide (from mental health to physical health, from aches and pains to everyday school supplies), the Health Center also provides birth control (for both men and women) as well as family planning services.

So, the Toledo High Health Center is a full health clinic, providing nearly any and all health-related services one might think of. If something is hurting you, or you need them to help you out with something health-wise, or if you missed lunch and you’re really hungry, the Health Center is there to help.


“How Do Physical Education Classes Benefit High School Students?”

 How Do Physical Education Classes Benefit High School Students?

By Santana Hutchinson

Santana PE story.JPG

While many students might feel that Physical Education (P.E.) classes do not help them, P.E. classes can, in fact, help students in a variety of ways. P.E. is a great way to stay focused in school and can also help students develop strong social skills.


One of the ways in which P.E. classes can help students is by helping them focus in their academic classes. According to, students who attend P.E. classes have a longer attention span and a better memory. Those who do not have P.E. seem to fall behind in their classes. Kids who have P.E. are more stable and don’t get irritated as easily because they can relieve their stress by redirecting their focus on a different subject.

“I think P.E. helps me drain all the energy out of my body so I can sit still in my other classes. It also keeps me from getting mad at people,” said senior Sam Schnieder.

In 2008, The National Association for Sport and Physical Education did a study and found that students from a northern California high school who took P.E. classes had better academic scores than the students without P.E. classes.

“The research is compelling. Regular, sweaty exercise helps us think well by stimulating new brain cell growth, increasing connections between cells, and improving attention and memory,” said Dr. Jeanne Segal.

Social skills

Social skills are a big part of life, and P.E is a great way to learn and acquire social skills. The University of Michigan gathered physiological data of how high school students acted before and after they had took P.E. classes. Their data showed that all of the students with P.E. classes worked amazing with partners and participated in every activity.

P.E also shows students how to be leaders such as being a team captain, picking people for teams, and battling for the win.

Freshman Xitlali Mason thinks that her P.E. class helps her with social skills. “I feel P.E helps me figure out who is and is not athletic.” This allows her to see who is striving to be better at athletics.

It is understandable that not everyone can or want to participate in P.E. However, those students were to give P.E. a shot, perhaps they would see that it can be an outlet to help them relieve stress and anxiety, and also stay focused. If students have the opportunity to take and participate in P.E, just trying it once would allow students to see the difference throughout their day and even see improvements in their performance in the classroom.

“Students Excel at Creating Collages”

Students Excel at Creating Collages

By Hailey Wiles

Mrs. Pridgeon’s art class recently finished a project on making collages (a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing).

The students (grades 9 through 11) took random photos of their choice, and put them together to make something amazing. Everyone either liked or loved the project! All of the collages are very creative—some vibrant and popping with color, others more along the lines of being dark and mysterious.



Hannah Poling, a Freshman, believed she did a lot better than the first project she completed in class this year. Poling mentioned how she loves the finished product and the way it looks. Mrs. Pridgeon really admired how repetitive her piece was. Other students noted their appreciation for the work’s neutral colors.

Irisa Anderson’s piece was also noteworthy. It was very bright and colorful, and had a lot of random pictures. Anderson explained her collage as “crazy, natural, and interesting.” She thinks that she did very well for hereceived_1364295326922884.jpegr first time. Mrs. Pridgeon said she thinks this particular piece is very well composed, has a wonderful choice of colors, and that she loves it!

Students in the class noted how much they like and appreciate Mrs. Pridgen and her projects. Everyone is really enjoying the class. All of these factors, students noted, make for a really fun class so far.

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