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New 7th Graders, New Challenges

By Hailey Childs

Toledo Jr/Sr. High is unique in that 7th graders are intermixed, sharing hallways and classrooms, with high school students. So, it’s easy to imagine that students entering the school from the elementary might experience radical changes, especially new expectations. I asked three new, 7th grade students what their first day of school was like and they each gave me very different answers.

“I immediately knew I was going to have more privileges,” stated seventh grader Carter Warden.

“We can now chew gum, wear hats, and use our phones. My first day was a lot of fun,” another 7th grader, Scott Landis, explained.

“I liked my first day. I knew the work was going to be a lot harder,” commented Ethan Childs.

One of the things that all the students agreed on was that at the elementary school they were treated like children.

“We were still walking in single file lines on the right side of the hallway in sixth grade,” proclaimed Warden.

Being in seventh grade, they get treated more maturely. However, there were still some elements of elementary school life that students wish they still had.

“We miss the long breaks we often got in elementary school for good behavior or getting our work done early,” claimed both Childs and Warden.

Even though our new students are a bit nervous, they remain positive overall.

“I had a lot of friends at the elementary school, but I am excited to make more in my new environment,” concluded Landis.