The Case of the Snowflake Heist

— Part 1 —


By Andrew Staton


My name is Watchful Eye, and I’m a detective for anyone who needs me in my homeland of Equestria. What, ponies can’t commit crimes? Unicorns like me should just sit inside and study magic? I’ll have you know that crime-solving is my special talent. Take the time the first snowflake was stolen: I was the one who caught the scoundrel. Oh, you’re interested now? Well then, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you about it.

It was a summer night, late into it, in Canterlot, when a messenger mare came from none other than Princess Luna. To think that I had been requested by the princess of the night herself!

Not wanting to keep her waiting, I grabbed my detective kit as well as my trademark red scarf and hurried out the door. On the way, I took note of the mare who had come. She had a ring on her hoof, and some marks around her waist that suggested she was the mother of a family. While I made no mention of this, as it wasn’t my business, I stored the knowledge away for possible future reference.

When we arrived at the palace, we were immediately shown to the throne room. I took note of the night-black coat and blue tiara of the alicorn in front of me and quickly determined that I was standing before Princess Luna. I bowed low and she asked me, “Art thou the Detective, Watchful Eye?”

“I am indeed. What can I do for you, Princess?” I replied before rising.

Luna seemed to sigh in relief as she stated, “I require your aid. Something had been stolen that is of great historical and sentimental importance. Follow me.”

We left the throne room, went through two halls, and climbed three flights of stairs before coming to a tower room with its door ajar. I quickly looked around and saw the stainglass windows depicting the story of Snowdrop, the blind pegasus filly who created the first snowflake. I also took note of a pedestal in the center of the room that looked as if something had been there not a week ago. No dust had even collected in the center, only the rims.

“As you have no doubt deduced,” Luna began, “This room contained the first snowflake, until it was stolen this very night. There is a preservation spell around its urn, so the snowflake is in no danger, but it is worth at least half the royal treasury.”

I suppressed a whistle as I turned to my client. “You wish me to find the thief, retrieve the snowflake, and return both to you, I presume?” When the Princess nodded vigorously I laughed and said, “Very well, I shall have it back to you within the week. Yes, six days should be enough to find it.” After about a million “Thank yous” from the Princess, I set to work.

stayed tuned for Part 2—