What’s Goin’ On?

—Upcoming events around Toledo, Newport,

and the greater state of Oregon—

By David Francisco (with Chase Mix & Rachel Metcalf)


Let’s start with the Portland, Oregon’s Comic Con. It took place in the Rose City Community Center. I was able to attend this year’s 5th annual. Next year it will be held at the same facility. This year, it was held from September 10th (Saturday) to September 11th. Tickets were $35 per person ($65 for a two-day pass). It only cost $15 for children and the elderly to attend.

There were numerous famous people in attendance. For example, Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel universe, was there. I was able to meet him and express to him how big a fan both me and my family are of his work. He gave me a thumbs-up and then gave me some life advice. Mr. Lee told me that “if people make fun of you because you have your life planned out and they don’t, then that just means they’re jealous.”

Overall, the Portland Comic Con was really fun. I might go next year with a friend; it would fun to be there with good friends because we could dress up and pretend to fight. Next year’s Comic Con is supposed to have game-testing and competitions for the best players, and there’s also supposed to be plays that will be put on for kids like. They’d get to dress as  superheroes and role play. The plays in general are rather cheesy, but adorable. I saw one of the plays from a distance this year, and they actually dressed up really well, but the acting was really bad because, well, they were kids.


In February (17-19th), Portland will also host Wizard World. It’s similar to Comic Con, however, it will host rock stars, actors, writers, and magicians.

One of the band members from the famous band KISS is going to be there and do signings. Voice actors will also be there, and they will be waiting. So don’t keep them waiting! Check it out.