Local Haunted Houses

By Hailey Childs

_DSC0759.JPGCandy, costumes and terror—who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a time for pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and haunted houses. Here in Oregon we have seven popular haunted houses.

The House of Shadows

The House of Shadows is a full contact haunted house. They have everything from crazy hillbillies to chainsaw killers. It is located in Gresham, Oregon.

13 Door Haunted House

13 Door Haunted House is Oregon’s oldest haunted house. This house contains highly detailed sets, animated creatures, and theatrical actors. It is located in Beaverton, Oregon.

Milburn’s Haunted Manor

Milburn’s Haunted Manor includes a free pumpkin per family or group and brain eating zombie chases. It is located in Hubbard, Oregon.

The Fear PDX

The Fear PDX is four haunted houses in one location. All you have to do is buy one ticket. It is located in Portland, Oregon. The fear PDX contains clowns, lots of machine-run decorations, and very talented actors and actresses with real weapons.

Spooky Lane

Spooky Lane has haunted corn mazes, zombie shootouts, and safe trick or treating. It is located in Nyssa, Oregon.

The Witch’s Castle

In The Witch’s Castle assistants take people on hikes that lead up to an actual castle that is claimed to be haunted. It is located in Portland, Oregon.

Ghost Town

The Ghost Town haunted house has extreme lights, sounds, props and actors. It is located in Portland, Oregon.

These haunted houses are a great idea for anyone with a family, or people just looking for a scare, and are well worth the drive.

Newport, Oregon’s most famous haunted location is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. The Yaquina Head Lighthouse was built in 1873. This particular lighthouse is said to be one of the most haunted places in Oregon. There are many stories that go with it but here is the most famous one: “The Haunted Light at Newport by the Sea.”

In it, Lischen M. Miller weaves a gripping story about a mysterious young woman left at a Newport hotel by her seafaring father who plans to pick her up in two weeks. She takes up with a group of tourists from the valley, who are camping nearby. One day, the group of them decides to explore the old Yaquina Bay Lighthouse — a small structure built in an unfortunate spot in 1871 and shut down for good just three years later, only to be replaced by the Yaquina Head Lighthouse a few miles north. Once inside, the adventurers find a secret door leading to a shaft that apparently runs all the way down to the sea.  A chill fog moves in and the explorers decide to go, leaving the secret door open behind them. As she is about to leave, the girl realizes she has left her handkerchief in the lighthouse and goes back to get it. Shortly thereafter, screams are heard and the party races back to the house and finds the secret door closed and locked, and no sign of Muriel. Just a pool of warm blood.

If you think the things you’ve read about in this article are scary, or if you’re interested in haunted houses, then you should check out Toledo Jr./Sr. High School’s haunted house on Halloween weekend. It will be held at Toledo Jr./Sr. High School. Our very own students from Toledo high school’s shop class will be building the entire haunted house under the supervision of Peter Lohanyay, the school’s shop and STEM teacher. The students will also participate in the haunted house. Last year, students dressed up and scared the visitors. Who knows what this year’s haunted house will entail. Times and further details are to be announced.