The Fish Swims Home to Toledo

By Rylee Richards


Lady Boomers huddling up after the last block of the game made by Kaycie Otis.

The “Fight for the Fish” game is a new tradition at Toledo High, and a big deal for all Toledo athletes. The prize that both schools are battling for is a rectangular plaque. On the left hand side is a four-leaf clover (representing Waldport) and on the right hand side is a boomer (representing Toledo). A fish is in the middle between the two. Once every sports season, whether it be fall, winter, or spring, Waldport and Toledo battle it out to win the plaque. Originally, the rivalry game was played between Newport and Toledo, but in 2014 the Boomers switched conferences, and dropped to a 2A school rather than 3A.

The “Fight for the Fish” game is expected to be a tradition for a long time, and every athlete is looking forward to being able to be involved in at least one of those games. On September 20th the volleyball teams of the two coastal towns battled it out for the fish. Waldport held the fish before the game was played, but they ended up having to hand it over after a loss to Toledo.

The Boomers came into the game focused, and with their attitudes at a ten. The Waldport Irish came into the game not knowing what to expect, but assuming they would have to put up a fight.

“The school who wins the fish every season decides what sport to bet on. This game could’ve gone either way. We knew we were going to have to battle because the Boomers have stepped up their game and bettered their program,” said Waldport’s middle blocker and hitter, Mekayla Land.


Varsity Coach Vicky Roller instructing senior Illeana Blacketer from the sidelines.

After losing the trophy to Waldport’s softball team last year, the Boomers regained the trophy, and become 7-1 for the season (1-1 in league play). Even better, they did it in straight sets, and the game ended with a stuff block by Kaycie Otis, and an ace served by Illeana Blacketer. Toledo had been looking forward to playing Waldport since the beginning of the season in the “Fight for the Fish” game, and when they did, they played to the best of their ability.


Senior Anita Duarte returning a kill towards the Waldport Irish.