Toledo High’s Incoming Freshmen: Class of 2020

By Kacie Otis


The Class of 2020 posing after a bus evacuation drill.

The incoming freshmen have a lot to say about how the school year is going. Even though some were nervous about the first day of high school, many are enjoying the high school life. I’ve asked multiple questions to a variety of freshmen who have all been experiencing high school in different ways.

Toledo Jr high is in the same complex as the high school, which makes the transfer from eighth to ninth grade easier. They already know the building and the people.

“It wasn’t difficult transitioning from middle school to high school because we basically know everyone,” said Sarah Lancaster.

The five freshmen I talked to could speak for almost everyone in saying that high school has more freedom.

“High school has more free range, we aren’t treated like a little kid anymore,” commented Xitliali Mason.

“I enjoy high school more than middle school the teachers are nicer, and they aren’t as strict,” responded Caleb Moore.

They also agreed that many of the freshmen are liking high school much more than middle school.

A good majority of freshmen are taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Many freshmen are getting a boost their first year due to the double credit they earn.

STEM is taught by Mr. Ewing and Mr. Lohonyay. With Mr. Ewing we are in the process of learning about buoyancy and how to change it. While with Mr. Lohonyay we learn about safety in the shop and how to do scaffolding.

STEM is the most challenging of all my classes, there’s a lot of note taking but I also enjoy it because I like to learn new things that aren’t just out of a text book,” stated freshmen Kaiya Loper.


Autum Tyler and Kaiya Loper busting some moves on the dance floor during the 2016 Homecoming dance.

Homecoming was the big talk around Toledo High since day one. Many freshmen were stoked for their first high school dance on October 8th. All the high school students nominated a prince and princess for each grade level. The freshmen nominated for this position were Hannah Poling and Santana Hutchinson. The Homecoming court was involved in all the Homecoming week assembles, they were required to dress up for the dress up days and participate in daily assemblies. They were introduced at the Homecoming football game against Gold Beach on October 7th. At the football game two people of the senior court were announced as king and queen. The winners of the senior class were Raeann Hogle and Sam Schneider.

“I’m really excited for my duties as freshmen princess,” said Poling.

“I’m really looking forward to homecoming because I’m ready to get freaky on the dance floor,” responded freshmen Tana’ya Barnhart.

Along with being excited about being involved in Homecoming, freshmen are also enthusiastic about the sports that Toledo High has to offer.

“I will be participating in Cheerleading, basketball and football season, cross country, and Track,” listed Poling.

Not only are freshmen playing sports they are also excited to cheer and support other athletic teams.

“I will be attending all the away football games that I can and I plan on going to all the home games,” said Barnhart.

All in all, freshmen are enjoying the high school life with the exciting dance and all the activities that are up and coming throughout the 2016-17 school year.


 Senior Bear Otis and junior Larry Hendrix holding freshmen Santana Hutchinson high in the air during the last home volleyball game.