Students Excel at Creating Collages

By Hailey Wiles

Mrs. Pridgeon’s art class recently finished a project on making collages (a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing).

The students (grades 9 through 11) took random photos of their choice, and put them together to make something amazing. Everyone either liked or loved the project! All of the collages are very creative—some vibrant and popping with color, others more along the lines of being dark and mysterious.



Hannah Poling, a Freshman, believed she did a lot better than the first project she completed in class this year. Poling mentioned how she loves the finished product and the way it looks. Mrs. Pridgeon really admired how repetitive her piece was. Other students noted their appreciation for the work’s neutral colors.

Irisa Anderson’s piece was also noteworthy. It was very bright and colorful, and had a lot of random pictures. Anderson explained her collage as “crazy, natural, and interesting.” She thinks that she did very well for hereceived_1364295326922884.jpegr first time. Mrs. Pridgeon said she thinks this particular piece is very well composed, has a wonderful choice of colors, and that she loves it!

Students in the class noted how much they like and appreciate Mrs. Pridgen and her projects. Everyone is really enjoying the class. All of these factors, students noted, make for a really fun class so far.