Daddy’s Poem

by Alissa Marie-Lynn Reid


He laid there so long, cold in the dark,

With a light pink rose quartz laid upon his slowing heart.


Early afternoon the very next day,

His breath finally slowed and he slipped away.


We held his hands to let him know,

Just how much we loved him so.


A couple weeks later we picked him up,

I brought him upstairs to bring the house a bit of luck.


He will lay here so long, warm in the skylight,

In a wooden box he would have loved during the morning and in the night.


I know he’s not actually in there, I know that now,

He’s up in the sky looking down.


He is also in Belgium drinking beer,

Tasting aged cheese in France, that’s my daddy dear.


Goulash in Hungary, maybe exploring the Swiss Alps,

He is happier now than he was his last time on the couch.


He gets to see his mom Maizie and pick fruit with grandpa Rollo,

He’s living the next life to the fullest with absolutely no sorrow.


It’s different now without him I won’t lie,

But sometimes it’s not the worst thing to die.


I believe things happen for a reason, I have faith in the timing too.

Life happens the way it happens, you just have to power on through.


(October 31, 2016)


Rest In Paradise

Randy Lynn Reid

December 10, 1956  ~  April 24, 2016